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Jennifer Vomvas
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Jennifer Tague Vomvas

“The joy of painting, for me, lies in creating not only landscapes and wildlife, but in making even the ordinary, everyday objects sing with color and dance in the light,” says award-winning artist, Jennifer Tague Vomvas. The Long Island artist and alumna of the University of Pennsylvania is recipient of the artist's magazine 2007 first place student award for her still life, ‘Hail Pennsylvania.’”

Although always drawn to fine art and painting, Vomvas did not consider a career as an artist until well after college. “The thought was sparked as friends admired murals I created on my children’s bedroom walls and began to commission me to paint for them.”

Realizing her love of artistic expression could be more than a hobby, Jennifer enrolled in The Stevenson Academy of Fine Arts (SAFA), in Oyster Bay, NY. The styles and techniques of the 19th century European masters, as taught at the Academy, allowed her to progress quickly to become a protégé of the late, Attila Hejja, the school’s founder and director. She is now an associate instructor of fundamentals in drawing and painting, preparing to become a teacher at SAFA.

Vomvas enjoys painting in both a tight, realistic style, as well as a looser, more impressionistic manner. A print of her award-winning painting hangs at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

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