Artpix Studio utilizes Giclée printmaking

The term Giclée is widely used today to describe a printmaking process. Giclée is a general description and artists should be educated that there are many different types of Giclée printing. We believe the Giclée process offers artists several significant benefits.

Droplet size. Giclée is a very sophisticated printmaking process that produces near continuous-tone printing. The secret is the 3 pico liter size of the droplets. No other printing process produces such a small droplet. This enables the Giclée process to produce superior detail and subtle shades. The small droplet size is the reason Giclée can produce great detail with 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Other types of Giclée printing produce a significantly larger dot size and need additional colors (6 or more. Ex. Light cyan, Light magenta, cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to try to produce subtle shades.
Color Gamut. Giclée printmaking produces the widest color gamut available today. Color quality is vital to reproducing a print as close as possible to the original. Artpix Studio utilizes the Pinnacle Gold ink set. Pinnacle Gold provides a wide color gamut and outstanding lightfastness. Giclée is a 4 color (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) printmaking process that produces a wider color gamut than other Giclée processes that utilizes 6 or more colors. Other types of Giclée printing need the additional colors to try to produce subtle shades. These extra colors do not produce more color, just fill in more subtle shades.
Consistency of Reproduction. A significant benefit that all Giclée processes provide is the ability to print small quantities. An artist benefits financially by being able to order prints literally as they need them. It is vital that an image printed months apart must look the same. Repeatability is a big part of Iris Giclée printmaking. Giclée has advanced features that ensure consistent, repeatable color from image to image over time.
Ability To Print Well On Uncoated Art Paper. Giclée printmaking produces the highest quality images possible on uncoated fine art paper. Many artists and their customers prefer a print on uncoated paper because it is truer to the original work. Giclée printmaking is the only Giclée process that provides excellent results with uncoated paper. The other Giclée processes must use a coated paper to have any chance of achieving an acceptable print on paper.

The above features are why Giclées are so widely respected. No other Giclée process has more sales or been exhibited in the world’s leading museums. Prominent art museums such as the Moma, Guggenheim, Smithsonian, Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have hosted exhibitions featuring Giclées. Giclées have been displayed in galleries around the world. Renowned iris Giclée artists include Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, David Hockney & Robert Rauschenberg.

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