Q. What Is A Giclée?

A. Giclée ( pronounced "Zhee-Clay") is from the French language word "le gicleur" meaning "nozzle" or more specifically "gicler" meaning "to squirt, spurt , or spray." It is an invented name used to describe the process of making fine art reproductions from a digital source, using high quality ink jet printers. The digital source may be from original art, photographs, or even computer generated art. Although it is ink jet technology, Do not mistake it for your desktop printer at home. The process is far more sophisticated than that. And even though the process is digital, keep in mind... Not all digital prints are Giclées. Giclée printers have to adhere to strict printmaking standards to be able to call their prints Giclées. All in all, Giclée printing provides a luminosity and brilliance that represent the artist's original work better than any reproduction technique available today. It is recognized as "the next best thing to owning the original".

Q. How does Artpix Studio’s Limited Edition Giclée Printing compare in quality to that of commercial printing?

A. There are many commercial printing companies and the quality of printing varies tremendously. The low-to-medium-end commercial printers use a modest four color range and lightweight (80 lb. or less) wood paper. Customers have very little choice but to accept the color as is once the separations are made. There are a handful of high-end commercial printers who do excellent work. They will use a heavy rag paper and spend considerably more time on creating the separations and working with the artists. This results in an excellent product. The high-end commercial printers are very expensive, however, since customers have to purchase a large quantity of prints all at once; this typically costs several thousand dollars and is not a cost effective option for most. Artpix Studio produces high quality prints, in small, more easily handled quantities. This ability provides customers with the best opportunity to see their limited edition succeed.

Q. How many prints should I plan my edition to be?

A. There is a trend toward smaller edition sizes. It is difficult to determine how many prints will sell, but you should plan the number of prints in your edition to be a realistic number. Customers have set edition sizes to be anywhere from fifteen to five hundred. The general public relies on the integrity of the artist not to produce any more prints than the stated number of his/her edition. Certificates of Authenticity are often used to reassure customers. If you plan an edition of one hundred, but in the end less than one hundred prints are made, that is fine. People want to make sure that the number of prints actually produced does not exceed the stated edition size, thus making the edition less exclusive or limited.

Q. Will my limited edition fade over time?

A. Internal and external factors will determine how well your edition holds up to the test of time. Internal factors include the materials used to make the print. Artpix Studio uses fade resistant inks, and archival rag papers and canvas. This is an excellent starting point, but external factors play a role as well. The chief culprits among external factors are too much light (particularly sunlight), too much moisture, wide temperature fluctuations, air pollution and insect damage. Here’s where the artist and collector can take some common sense precautions to improve how well the print withstands the aging process. Artpix Studio recommends that you educate customers who purchase your work (originals and limited editions) how proper framing and simple precautions can conserve their investment. Our Certificates of Authenticity provide information about preserving artwork.

Q. Can you remove my signature from appearing in my limited edition prints?

A. Many artists request that we remove their signature from the edition. This is a smart decision as every print should be hand signed and numbered by the artist. If your signature is removed from the print then the only signature appearing will be your hand signed one. This presents a more upscale, polished limited edition. Please indicate on the order form if you would like us to provide this service.

Q. Are there any extra charges involved?

A. Artpix Studio does everything possible to avoid extra charges. We depend on you to supply us with the transparency and/or other material to help us make your limited edition. Experience has taught us that not everyone supplies accurate, quality material. If we have to spend considerable extra time cleaning up a transparency with an unusual number of scratches, imperfections, etc. then there could be an extra charge involved. Our policy is to notify customers before any additional work beyond the normal scope is performed and to explain exactly what needs to be done and inform them of the associated cost. Extra charges are reasonable, but are also avoidable.

Q. The transparency of my painting also includes the frame. Can you crop the frame so it will not appear in my edition?

A. Artpix Studio can crop a frame or matte from a transparency, straighten a slightly crooked picture, etc. These are basic, normal tasks and it is obvious when we receive a transparency what needs to be done. Important: Artpix Studio’s normal cropping procedure is to crop the image for a clean edge, removing frames, mattes, ragged edges, etc. If you would like any of these left in, please make us aware of this at the time you place your order.

Q. Can the size of my prints be an exact size in order to fit pre-cut mattes?

A. The actual size of your prints can be any size you wish. However, if you need your prints to be an exact size, you need to let us know this at the time you place your order. Artpix Studio’s normal procedure on sizing is to size the image to the largest dimension (H or W) and let the other dimension fall proportionately. Example: If a customer wants an image to be 16”H x 20”W and does not state “exactly”, we will size the width to 20” and let the height fall in proportion. If the 16”H x 20”W needs to be exact, we may have to crop part of the image if it does not fall in proportion to your original. In this case, we will notify the customer to discuss the cropping, unless indicated on the transparency. In addition, you will be notified of the exact image size when you receive your proof.

Q. Can my Limited Edition Prints be different in size than my original work?

A. Artpix Studio can make your print a variety of sizes in proportion to the original. If your original is quite large, it does not mean the print has to be as large as possible as well. Some works of art are meant to be larger, but you should remember that the limited edition is a separate product than the original. We have seen many customers do quite well with smaller sized prints. If you are fairly inexperienced, the most conservative way to start is most likely with a smaller size print.

Q. What advice do you have for customers so they can get the most out of Artpix Studio’s service?

A. Customers who have done very well have all started out on the right foot by supplying us with good, accurate material and clearly conveying what they want. Please make sure you read all of our information and call if you have any questions. We are here to help you and want you to get as much out of our service as possible.

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